I realized suddenly about a week ago that I desperately wanted a Scott Pilgrim musical just so Barrett could play Ramona, so I decided to cast SP entirely from the bare cast.
Never done one of these 'Dream Cast' things before : }
Scott Pilgrim: Taylor Trensch
Kim Pine: Ariana Groover
Stephen Stills: Michael Tacconi
Young Neil: Anthony Festa
Knives Chau: Alice Lee
Wallace Wells: Alex Wyse
Stacy Pilgrim: Elizabeth Judd
Julie Powerz: Sara Kapner
Ramona Flowers: Barrett Wilbert Weed
Matthew Patel: Justin Gregory Lopez
Lucas Lee: Casey Garvin
Todd Ingram: Jason Hite
Roxy Richer: Megan Lewis
*Couldn't cast exes 5 and 6 due to not having enough people*
Gideon Graves: Gerard Canonico
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